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October 23, 2017

A Beginner’s Guide To Become A DJ

Are you opting for becoming a DJ? Then, here is the guideline which may help you to fulfil your dream. In order to become a DJ the first thing that you need to do is learning the way to play the machine.

If you are interested to learn how to play the machine then you may take help from either professionals or complete a course on this subject. Many institutions now provide online DJ course and you can enrol yourself to become a successful DJ. However here is given a beginner’s guide to become a DJ.

Make sure what type of DJ you want to become – Do you know there are several types of DJs? Have you ever visited to a concert of DJ? If you don’t then perhaps you don’t know that some DJs like to play only top 30 songs of the year, whereas some like to play only rock, such as electronic and underground circuit, and some others like to add into their playlist new as well as old songs. So, before paying for DJ courses, decide what is your genre?

Let’s gather the equipment – Be true to yourself. You need to spend a good amount of money to buy your necessary equipment. Besides, the amount of money can increase depending upon the type of gear you need. Every DJ primarily needs CD decks or a set or vinyl turntables to practice and perform. But you should buy a machine which will last for long years. Apart from this machine if you have a laptop, portable venue lighting and speakers then it will be just perfect for improving your skill. However, if you don’t have enough budget, then you may rent a gear for beginning the course. By renting several types of gears you can decide what company is better and which brand will suit you the most.

Make a realistic budget – When you have a lot of money you may easily buy high expensive DJ machine. But if you don’t have enough money, then it is better to stay in a budget. Perhaps you are thinking that it will be quite impossible to buy machines in your fixed budget. Nowadays, many companies have started to manufacture many DJ machines in attractive price ranges. Make a realistic budget and grab those.

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